Hello from New Hampshire

Dispatch from NH Primary, Recent Piece, Book Update

New Hampshire Primaries 

I’m up in New Hampshire to file a pair of dispatches on the primary race. In the first, I write here for Tablet about the Iowa caucus, Deval Patrick, the unsettled Democratic platform, Pete Buttigieg, a Jew from Long Island, and Joe Biden. 

“Patrick’s presentation is muddled, and brings to mind Dylan’s line about the worthless foam of the mouth—it’s too removed from the omnipresent culture war and too diffuse on how he’d overcome Trumpism, but it’s instructive in its lack of clarity, like a photo negative that suggests another image, his talk of his close ties to Obama, being “bold and humble” on climate change, the resurrection of the middle class, of public decorum and decency, it’s a grab bag of sentences pulled from the pre-Trump Democratic platform mixed with the new language of a party that hasn’t coalesced yet around its Trump-era identity.”

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Recent Piece

Just before the end of the year I wrote a piece on Fieldston, the elite private school in New York