Goodbye From New Hampshire

Bernie's Modern Art, with appearances by Warren, Klobuchar, and Yang

Here’s a quick dispatch on much of went down this week in New Hampshire ahead of today’s primary, with Bernie’s modern art, and appearances by Warren, Klobuchar, and Yang. (Link below.)

The supporters of other campaigns believe their candidate is destined to win, too. But it’s the Bernie folk who more than others take up the joint project of envisioning their campaign as a political revolution... 

Some are rather obnoxious about it, frankly, in a kind of preening self-promotional way. Others are quietly confident in their membership in the Long March of Bernie. They keep it low key, and it manifests mainly as a kind of quiet assuredness that Bernie will win and once he does and enacts his revolutionary policies even most of those who are Bernie-skeptical or outright hostile will benefit greatly from Bernie’s social interventions. It’s an assuredness that even Pete’s fervent backers lack, and the kind of confidence that Warren’s and Biden’s camps, in their own ways, pine to instill at their campaign events. 

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